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Police Issue Vehicle Alert

Chief Doyle has issued this alert:

Vehicles being stolen and entered continue to occur. Two nights ago, one was stolen from a driveway and another was entered. These are not vehicle "Break Ins". Every vehicle that has been stolen was unlocked with the keys in it. Every vehicle that has been entered was unlocked with valuables left inside.

This is how the offenders operate: There are usually 3-4 juveniles driving around in a stolen vehicle.

Two or three will be dropped off and walk around your neighborhood and your houses looking for unlocked cars. If they try a door and it is locked , they move on to the next one. When they find one that is unlocked, they open the door and enter the vehicle. They press the ignition button, if it starts, they drive away with your vehicle. If it does not start, they take whatever valuables you left in your car.

We have recovered vehicles stolen from Easton in Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury and several other towns. When a vehicle is recovered, we process the car for evidence as do other police departments. The evidence analysis shows that the unknown offenders operate in communities all around the state. It is difficult to apprehend these subjects when they are on foot and can simply step into the darkness or behind a bush when they see headlights approaching.



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